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How British homes will be affected by the latest energy bill hikes

The unwelcome news of yet another energy bill increase from energy firm E.ON has raised concerns over the future of energy billing and how UK customers can gain control over the highly inflated bills they have seen in recent years. The last of the 'big six' energy companies in the UK to announce the hike that will be effective from January 18th, E.ON have become reluctant scapegoats for the unhappy British public who want to know where the additional 3.7%  money is going.

Despite the fact that E.ON customers actually benefited from a lower price increase than those who have energy from rival companies, the worrying statistics indicate that energy bills are still on the rise and it is anticipated that the average bill will be considerably higher than last years.  E.ON have defended themselves saying that the energy bill hike is due to ever increasing costs of delivering energy to the UK and the expense of buying wholesale gas and electricity in to the country. However, the energy companies are also bound by the freedom of information act to declare all or any profits, and as such have also indicated that an average £4 per energy bill will go into the system purely as profit. Thanks to the price increases that are significantly higher than they were ever predicted inflation rates many Brits have been left stunned and out of pocket.

Government levies have been designed and implemented in order to control the amount of profit that energy companies can make from their customers. The Government's aim is to reduce the chances of repeated price hikes by the greedier energy companies, and they are seeking to provide sustainable energy sources through alternate renewable energy methods. Energy companies are quick to add that the research and investigation into renewable energy sources is not a cop out.  Each individual company will work tirelessly to help home owners keep costs down by focussing on cavity wall and loft insulation to prevent excess heat leaving the property.

Energy bills have long been a contentious subject for many years, and never more than today as millions of people pay through the nose for their electricity and gas. With Npower customers tipping the balance of the most expensive energy provider, with British gas coming a close second, customers are calling for price freezes as they struggle to manage their household budgets. In fact, in comparison to our European neighbours who have recently enjoyed significant price drops, the British public have been losing money left right and centre. Even given the option of installing smart meters, where consumers can see their usage in real-time, have not softened the blow of the ever-increasing energy prices.

With the Government elections right around the corner, this has become a hot topic and will continue to do be as politicians use the British peoples misfortune to their advantage in their canvassing campaigns. But while they wrangle back and forth making decisions about price freezes and possible reform, they might spare a thought for those vulnerable households for whom these price increases will mean the difference between food on the table or heat in the house this winter.

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