Elster A1100 3 phase kWh Mid Meter
Product code: A1100
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Unit now discontinued - Alternative unit is Kohler meter AEL-TF-32-1 3ph 0-100A

The A1100 meter is suitable for Direct Connected Domestic, Commercial and Light industrial applications.

  • Dimensions: 233mm Height, 171.5mm Height and 49mm Depth
  • Direct Connected: 20-100A or 10-60A
  • Polyphase applications: 3 phase/3 wire, 3 phase/4 wire, 2 phases of a 3 phase/4 wire, 2 phase/3 wire, 1 phase/3 wire, 1 phase/2 wire (LCD meter only)
  • Voltage Range option 1: 220-240V (L-N) or 220-240V (L-L) 
  • Voltage Range option 2: 110-120V (L-N) or 110-120V (L-L) 
  • Import/Export readings
Product Name: Elster A1100 3 phase kWh Mid Meter
Manufacturer: Elster
SKU: A1100
MPN: A1100

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