CertaUPS C60
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The CertaUPS C60 single phase UPS series is one of the most practical and compact UPS systems available. Ideal for smaller backup power requirements such as CCTV, EPOS, small office hardware and PC workstations, the C60 is a line interactive UPS with simulated sinewave output.


The C60 range is one of the most practical and compact UPS solutions available. Compatible with most operating systems, the intuitive monitoring software provides safe shutdown in the event of an extended power failure with the UPS automatically restarting when power is restored.

A compact line interactive UPS offering 800VA to 2000VA load support


  • Automatic start
  • Intelligent monitoring software
  • USB connectivity and HID Functionality
  • Separate surge protected outlets
  • Battery backed outlets

“Located in remote areas of the country, where power disturbances are a regular occurrence, a family run chain of local convenience stores required a solution to help support its EPOS system. A series of C60 800VA units were installed to deliver a clean, continuous supply of power to ensure their new EPOS equipment functioned during the all too frequent power anomalies.”

Product Name: CertaUPS C60
Manufacturer: Certa
SKU: C60
Replaced Model: C60-800
GTIN: C60 800 – 2000VA
MPN: C60

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