IME Conto D4-SH + RS485 Communication
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IME Conto D4-SH CT Connected RS485 Communication Kwh Meter, Din Rail Mounting for single or three phase LV Applications.


  • 4 Module DIN Rail mounting
  • Single phase & 3 phase (3 or 4 wire) network unbalanced load
  • Active energy class 1 (EN62053-21)
  • Reactive energy class 2 (EN62053-23)
  • Power demand
  • Power max demand (resettable)
  • Phase Current
  • Phase to phase and phase to neutral voltage
  • Frequency
  • Phase active power
  • Phase reactive power
  • 3 phase active/reactive and apparent power
  • Power factor
  • –/1A or –/5A current transformer operated
  • 190…440V 50/60Hz measured voltage
  • 8 digit LCD display
  • Self supplied auxiliary
  • Pulsed output or RS485 communications
  • Programmable CT ratios
Product Name: IME Conto D4-SH + RS485 Communication
Manufacturer: IME

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