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This meter has a removable screen, and so can be used as a 72 × 72mm panel meter or as a standard DIN rail.

This general purpose three phase energy meter is suitable for active and reactive energy metering for cost allocation, but also for main electrical parameter measurement and retransmission (transducer function). Current measurements are carried out by means of external current transformers. Voltage measurements carried out either by means of direct connection (up to 400 V LL) or by means of potential transformers.

The EM210 Series is provided with a pulse output for active energy re-transmission. As an option, a two-wire RS-485 communication port is also available.

  • Panel Mount: 72×72mm
  • Pulse Output
  • Voltage self-power supply: 18-260VAC
  • Voltage L-L: 400V
  • Input: 1 or 5A


  • Voltage Power Supply: 18-260VAV
  • Voltage L-L : 400V
  • Input: 1 or 5A
  • 72×72×65mm housing for both DIN-rail and panel mounting
  • Detachable LCD display
  • Instantaneous variables readout: 3 × 3 digits
  • Energy metering readout: 7 digits
  • Accuracy of ±0.5% RDG (V, A)
  • Class B according to EN50470-3 (class 1 of EN62053-21), Class 2 (kvarh) according to EN62053-23
  • For 1-phase (2 wire), 2-phase (3 wire), 3-phase (3, 4 wire, balanced, unbalanced) systems for up to 400 V LL
  • CT connection (5A), TRMS measurement method
  • System variables: W, var, PF, Hz, kWh, kvarh (other variables available via RS-485)
  • Single phase variables: A, VLL, VLN, PF (other variables available via RS-485)
  • 1 pulse (opto-MOSFET) output (standard)
  • RS485 port (optional)
  • Self-powered supply voltage from 3-phase mains
  • IP50 protection degree (from the front); and cUL listed, CE approved

Product Name: CARLO GAVAZZI EM210 72D
Manufacturer: Carlo Gavazzi UK Ltd
Datasheet: EM210_im (1)

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