Yuasa EN480-2 488Ah 2V Batteries
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Yuasa EN480-2 Batteries 488Ah 2Vdc sealed lead acid (SLA) maintenance free with a 10 design life and suitable for use within uninterruptible power supplies, DC standby power, energy storage, emergency lighting and telecommunications systems.

  • Long Life in standby (10 and 15 year design life options)
  • Unique mix and match parallel assembly allows extensive variations to network capacity
  • Electrolyte Suspension. AGM technology assures no free electrolyte to spill or worry about
  • High gas recombination efficiency. Eliminates the need for forced ventilation and separate battery rooms
  • Case Material Oxygen index 30
  • Fully compliant with BS6290-4 and IEC896-2
Product Name: Yuasa EN480-2 488Ah 2V Batteries
Manufacturer: Yuasa
SKU: EN480-2
MPN: EN480-2

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