FIAMM 2SLA580 580Ah 2V Batteries
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The FIAMM 2 SLA 580 VRLA battery uses VRLA Technology with 99% internal recombination efficiency. The SLA (sealed lead acid) series is non-spillable and maintenance-free and uses AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology. FIAMM 2 SLA 580 Specifications Nominal Voltage: 2V Capacity at 68°F: 580Ah Short Circuit Current: 10800A Internal Resistance: 0.19 mohm Dimensions: 15.28 in L x 6.81 in W x 9.29 in H Weight: 82 lbs SLA Series General Specifications Float Voltage: 2.27 V/cell at 68°F Boost Voltage: 2.40 V/cell Float Voltage Compensation with Temperature: -1.39 mV/cell/°F Self-Discharge at 68°F: <2%/month SLA Series Standards IEC 60896 Part 21 – VRLA methods of testing IEC 60896 Part 22 – VRLA requirements BS 6290 Part 4 – specifications for VRLA classification Telcordia GR-4228 – VRLA battery string certification BS 6334 / UL 94 V0 / IEC 707 FV0 determination of materials flammability Bellcore TR-NWT-000766 – VRLA battery generic requirements UL 1778 – UPS equipment Eurobat > “12 years VERYLONG LIFE”
Product Name: FIAMM 2SLA580 580Ah 2V Batteries
Manufacturer: Fiamm
SKU: 2SLA580
MPN: 2SLA580

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