Fiamm FG20722 7.2Ah 12V Batteries
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The Fiamm FG20722 is a 12V 7Ah battery bloc offering a 5 year design life and is suitable for fast rate discharge applications where a high current power source is required when mains is not available. To meet this requirement the FG20722 battery is equipped with a 6.3mm wide ‘F2’ type faston terminal allowing a higher current draw than a standard 4.8mm ‘F1’ terminal arrangement. It is this feature that can lend this battery to applications such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) where rapid discharge of the battery is necessary to ensure the electrical load is supported.

Amongst its many features the Fiamm FG20722 boasts a strong ABS plastic case material with a sealed, maintenance free design making this product an ideal rechargeable battery solution for a wide range of equipment.

Product Name: Fiamm FG20722 7.2Ah 12V Batteries
Manufacturer: Fiamm
SKU: FG20722
MPN: FG20722
Datasheet: FG20722

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