IME IF96004 Dual Analogue Output Module
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IME IF96004 Dual Analogue Output Module 0…20 and/or 4…20mA for use with Nemo 96HD and Nemo 96HD+

Dual analogue output module for use with Nemo 96HD and Nemo 96HD+ multifunction power monitors
2 analogue outputs 0…20mA/4…20mA
Accuracy Class 0.5
Load =750 ohms

Programming of:
Associated quantity
Beginning of scale
Full scale
Output 0…20 – 4…20mA

IF96004 module used with meters of Nemo 96HD/HD+ series, it allows the remote repetition of two electrical quantities by a 0…20 and/or 4…20mA analogue signal. For every meter (Nemo 96DH/HD+) it is possible to connect Max. 2 IF96004 modules, obtaining in this way 4 analoge outputs.

Type: unidirectional at real or figurative zero for changing output load
Accuracy: cl.0,5
Response time: ≤ 600ms
Rated values: 0…20 and 4…20mA
Output load: ≤ 750 Ω

Product Name: IME IF96004 Dual Analogue Output Module
Manufacturer: IME
SKU: IF96004
MPN: IF96004
Datasheet: NT678
Manual: 10781711

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