Schneider Electric PM8000 Panel Mount Power Meter
Product code: METSEPM8240
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Schneider Electric PM8000 series meters help you improve energy efficiency, sub-bill or allocate costs and improve productivity. These improvements are done by tracking consumption and identifying conditions that could pose risks to equipment and processes. The power meters are easy to install and have simple networking, making energy information accessible, while integration with StruxureWare applications makes information relevant and actionable (FTP Functionality in COMTRADE Format - IEC 60255-24 edition 2001-05).

Product Features:
  • 1A or 5A Current Transformer connected
  • Class 0.2S accuracy IEC 62053-22
  • Minimum/maximum data logging
  • Historical trend logging for energy, demand, power factor or any other parameter
  • Event logging
  • Configurable alarms; to trigger recording, perform control, send email or text messages
  • Dual-port Ethernet supports daisy-chaining, redundant loops and multiple protocols
  • CT and VT polarity reversible via front panel, web page or software
  • RS485 serial port
  • Ethernet-to-serial gateway
  • Modbus master functionality
Product Name: Schneider Electric PM8000 Panel Mount Power Meter
Manufacturer: Schneider Electric

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