CEWE Wall Mounted Prometer 100 Class 0.5 and 0.2
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Prometer 100 is a series of next generation energy meters designed for power transfer points requiring precise measurements and revenue transactions. Multiple communication options ensure easy integration with AMR/AMI/SCADA systems and upgrade to future sub-station automation systems. Four-quadrant energy measurement allows monitoring of generation, transmission and bulk power transfer points.

Product Features:
  • 0.2S/0.5S accuracy for active and reactive measurement
  • Wide-range dual auxiliary supply with options for AC/DC and self-power (VT powered)
  • Power quality features including THD, sag, swell, voltage unbalance and interruption recording
  • Dynamic error compensation for CT/VT
  • Transformer/Line loss adjustment (Copper and Iron losses)
  • Intuitive graphical display including vector diagram, wave forms and bar chart for consumption
  • Remote configuration of communication ports
  • Simultaneous DLMS and MODBUS over Ethernet port
  • Support of meter reading / display over field replaceable battery
  • In built IEC61850 along with RS232/RS485 and Ethernet ports in a single product & capability of simultaneous communication through all these ports
  • Dual loggers for energy and instantaneous parameters
  • Flexible time-of-day tariff, maximum demand support, DST (Daylight saving time) support with automatic billing
  • dates
    Meter cover and terminal cover open detection
  • RS232 port compatible with meter-powered modem
Product Name: CEWE Wall Mounted Prometer 100 Class 0.5 and 0.2
Manufacturer: Secure Meters
SKU: Prometer100
MPN: Prometer100

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