RI-A5RSBAC - BacNet RS485 module for RI-F500 and RI-F550
Product code: RI-A5RSBAC
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The RI-A5RSBAC is a BACnet/MSTP communication module used to extend the bus communication function of the RI-F500 Series Network Power Analysers.

Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200 bps

Based on MSTP communication method.

Relevant parameters can be configured through the host computer or RI-F500 Series Network Analyser.

  • BACnet/MSTP Communication Module for RI-F500 Series
  • Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200 bps
  • Real-time data measurement from RI-F500 and RI-F550
Product Name: RI-A5RSBAC - BacNet RS485 module for RI-F500 and RI-F550
Manufacturer: Rayleigh Instruments Ltd

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