RI-FMDU96-Kit (for use with RI-D480)
Product code: RI-FMDU96-Kit
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The RI-FMDU96 is equipped with multifunction energy monitoring power quality analysis functions. Capable of multiple zones monitoring it is designed to work with up to 16 x RI-D480 ‘quad’ energy meters giving data for 64 three-phase loads or 192 single-phase loads or a combination of both; making them highly modular and customisable for any system size.

Data reception and transmission is via RS485 Modbus using daisy-chain topology between RI-D480 easywire® modular energy meters.

A 3.5 inch, 16.7 thousand colour TFT display gives crisp clear menus and data display and touch-sensitive buttons offer easy operation and durability.

The RI-FMDU96 is 24V DC operation for safe low voltage mounting to panel doors with easy RJ12 connection.

A clever mounting system for 91 x 91mm, 76 x 76mm, 67 x 67mm or Ø26mm aperture ‘screw’ mounting to panel makes it also very simple to install.

The RI-FMDU96 is a compact versatile system that brings all your meter data to a single point for ease of access.

The RI-FMDU96-KIT is supplied with 1 x RI-FMDU96 display, 1 x RI-DPSU1-24 24V power supply and 1 x RI-DCM-C communications RS485 module.

The RI-DCM-C communications module has a mini USB port on the front to allow connection to a PC for programming the RI-FMDU96 to make the naming of the various inputs more friendly.

Product Name: RI-FMDU96-Kit (for use with RI-D480)
Manufacturer: Rayleigh Instruments Ltd

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