Quad Load Three Phase EasyClick
Product code: SDM630MCT-4L
Unit price £222.00

(£266.40 inc VAT)

  • Can monitor and display up to 4 x 3 phase 4 wire (3p4w) or 12 x single phase 2 wire (1p2w) systems
  • Allowing 128 x 3p4w circuits on a standard Modbus network
  • EasyClick technology for plug in current transformer and mains voltage connection
  • Elimination of wiring errors & labour saving
  • Designed and tested in the UK
  • Highly visible backlit display from all angles
  • Programmable reverse flow for right/left side of breaker CT installation
  • Built in Modbus and Pulsed outputs
Product Name: Quad Load Three Phase EasyClick
Manufacturer: Eastron

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