Product code: SDM72D-M-MID-V2
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  • 100A Direct Connected
  • Modbus RS485 communication
  • Total Active Energy (kWh)
  • Three Phase (3p4w)
  • 400V +/- 20% Measured Voltage
  • 1000imp/kWh Pulsed output
  • LCD Display 6+1= 999999.9
  • MID B+D certified

The SDM72D-M-MID v2 Digital Power Meter works directly connected to a maximum load 100A AC circuit. This meter has been MID B&D Certified by SGS UK, proving both it’s accuracy and quality. This certification allows this model to be used for any sub-billing applications. Unlike other alternatives, this meter is housed in a 4 Module DIN rail case, meaning it takes up very little space. The SDM72D measures and displays Total Active Energy and can be remotely monitored with a pulse collector or using the RS485 Modbus Comms. This meter is a great cost-effective solution for any 3ph application in which you are just interested in basic readings, such as total active energy.

Product Name: SDM72D-M-MID-V2
Manufacturer: Eastron

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