SmartX825 Single / Three Phase, 1/5A, CT Operated, 96mm Panel Mounted, Multifunction Meter
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The SMART X825 Digital Power Meter can be configured through the password-protected set up menu to work in Single or Three Phase circuits. The unit itself works in conjunction with 1A or 5A current transformers, allowing an easy installation especially when retro-fitting. It also comes complete with two digital inputs which can be used as accumulating pulse count inputs or as digital status. This meter has been tested and certified by a UK laboratory and conforms to the following standards: EN61000-6-3:2007, EN61000-6-1:2007 and EN61010-1:2010 (EMC and LVD).

This particular meter has proven to be very popular due to the detailed measurements it can provide, such as Power Factor, Max Demand Power & Total Harmonic Distortion. The SMART X825 Series is housed in a DIN 96mm² case meaning it can be door mounted in a 92mm² cutout. This specific model measures Phase to Neutral Voltage, Phase to Phase Voltage, Voltage THD, Current, Max Demand Current, Current THD, Frequency, Power Factor, Max Demand Power, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Total Active Energy, Import & Export Active Energy, Total Reactive Energy, Import & Export Reactive Energy.

Product Features:

  • 96×96mm Panel Mounted 
  • Single Phase (1P2W) 
  • Three Phase (3P3W) 
  • Three Phase (3P4W) 
  • Multifunction 
  • -/1A CT Operated 
  • -/5A CT Operated 
  • 230/400V AC 
  • 2 Digital Inputs 
  • Dual Pulse Outputs 
  • 96mm² Panel Mounted (92mm² Cut Out) 
  • Digital Backlit Display 
Product Name: SmartX825 Single / Three Phase, 1/5A, CT Operated, 96mm Panel Mounted, Multifunction Meter
Manufacturer: Eastron
SKU: SmartX825
MPN: SmartX825

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