Aquamotion Woltman Water Meter
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Woltmann type water meters can be used for flow rates higher than Qn 15 m³/hr. They are distinguished by ensuring an especially low head loss, even with high flow rates. The newly developed measuring insert with a special construction of the turbine where the water flows through, guarantees a high measuring accuracy and long-term stability of the measuring results.

Similar to multi jet, Woltmann meters measure the velocity of the water flowing through with the help of a turbine. The volume is mechanically calculated, through the known volume of the measuring chamber, and indicated with the roller counters in cubic meters. The unique form of the “paddle wheels” enable the Woltmann meters to cover a very large measuring range with especially low head loss. Aquamotion Woltmann water meters are available from DN50 to DN300 in stock from UK Metering.

  • Rated to 30°C or 90°C
  • Cold (T30) – WRAS and MID Approved
  • Hot (T90) – MID Compliant/ISO Approved
  • Dry dial
  • Pressure rated to 16 Bar
Product Name: Aquamotion Woltman Water Meter
Manufacturer: Aqua Motion
SKU: F**W*
MPN: F**W*

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