Yu-Power Battery Block Temperature Monitors
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Yu-Power Battery Temperature Monitors from Yuasa Batteries are designed to provide continual monitoring with hourly temperature and voltage logging when connected to a battery string fitted with 12Vdc or 24Vdc batteries. One Yu-Power is connected to each battery string and the devices can be fitted with a new UPS or battery set or retrofitted to an existing battery set. Yu-Power battery temperature monitors can help to identify potential problems with the ambient environment or a particular battery string, and support extended battery warranty plans. Yu-Power features:

  • Thermistor reading now and at time of download
  • Maximum and minimum voltage over life
  • Voltage now and at time of download
  • Total commissioned age
  • Battery serial number (set when commission)
  • 2degree Celsius temperature allocation bands
  • 7.5 years rolling data storage
  • Readable data set via the 2.5mm output socket
  • Monitoring cable (YPCBL1) extra cost
  • Read in situ or remote from site and download data
  • Check sum fault protection
  • Non volatile data storage
  • Precision Band-gap Voltage reference
  • Extremely low standby current from 0.02 micro amps
  • Extremely low voltage drop in normal change and load states
  • Small size SMT assembly with two N-Channel MOS Switch Outputs
  • Serial 1-Wire interface download fault log and status
  • Fault tolerance to 30Vdc (12Vdc battery)
  • Supplied with bared-end leads for site specific connectors
  • Supplied with an adhesive pad to connect to the battery
  • Required one YPCBL1 cable with which to download data from any Yu-Power battery monitors

Supplied with monitoring software providing:

  • Configurable to load and client requirements
  • Encoded against corruption
  • Exportable to master documentation and for further analysis
  • Exportable to Graphic Displays
  • Common file formats in Excel (.xls, .csv, .txt)
  • Data settable via service software (serial number, data and log files)
Product Name: Yu-Power Battery Block Temperature Monitors
Manufacturer: Yuasa

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