This section contains links to various other sites of interest.

In line with our metering products and AM&T systems the links below provide information about everything from Carbon emmisions to Building regulations as well as other sites of interest.

Government Departments

DEFRA - Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (

ECA - Enhanced Capital Allowance (

DEC - Display Energy Certificates ( - Government guide to Display Energy Certificates Requirements and Useage

Other Websites

CIBSE - Chartered Institution of Buildings Services Engineers ( - Royal chartered organisation promoting building services. (Special interest for AM&T systems is CIBSE's TM39 document covering building energy metering).

The Carbon Trust ( - A private company set up by the Government to help combat climate change by developing new technologies and working with business and the public sector.

The Energy Saving Trust ( - Another government set up organisation established to help reduce carbon emmissions.

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) ( - IEC Standards provide classification for enclosures.

Electrical, Architectural and HVAC Building Services products Directory

Greater Manchester Locksmiths - For Locksmith requirements in the Greater Manchester and beyond areas