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Meter Data Loggers

Meter Data Loggers

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  1. Synetica Datastream DS800-32

    Synetica Datastream DS800-32

    Synetica Datastream DS800-32 Channel Energy Data Logger Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £525.00 Incl. Tax: £630.00

  2. Synetica Datastream DS800-A-32

    Synetica Datastream DS800-A-32

    Synetica Datastream Energy data Logger with DS800-32 Channel and 8 Analogue Inputs Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £750.00 Incl. Tax: £900.00

  3. P2G Data Logger

    P2G Data Logger

    The P2G Data logger has internal GSM modem and safety isolation for use with Water and Gas meters. Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £249.00 Incl. Tax: £298.80

  4. Meter-Logger 100 Utility Meter to TCP-IP Interface

    Meter-Logger 100 Utility Meter to TCP-IP Interface

    The Meter-Logger 100 can gain information from any pulse output from a utility meter and log the information to its flash memory. The energy consumption data can be downloaded in .csv or .xml format. Learn More
    Excl. Tax: £157.00 Incl. Tax: £188.40

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Meter Data Loggers

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Meter Data Loggers are used to collate data coming from a number of energy meters (these could be water, electricity, gas or heat meters etc.)  They are used to capture real time information from each of the connected meters and then store these values in local memory. Data Loggers group these consumption values in time periods. The most common being half hours as this is how the energy company meter used to bill consumers are set up.

A Meter Data Logger set to store data in half hour periods would therefore store 48 values for each meter every day. When viewed as a graph these values form a profile of the energy consumption for that meter or feeder. By analysing this trend over time patterns emerge allowing the user to make informed decisions about how to manage their energy consumption more effectively. By comparing this years data against last years it is possible to bench mark consumption usage to track the progress of an energy efficiency campaign further. 

A Meter Data Logger such as the Synetica Datastream can take metering data in the form of basic metering pulses or intelligently via MODBUS on an RS485 network. Basic pulse metering operates uses a relay in the meter which closes momentarily when the dial of the meter moves on to the next increment. This contact is fed into metering data loggers where they are counted and stored.

Meter Data Loggers may also take intelligent signals like MODBUS. Where as if a pulse signal failed this could be seen as a legitimate condition that equals no consumption. In a MODBUS connected system the data logger would ask the meter for its current reading and the meter would then respond. If no response was received an alarm can be raised. Pulse based systems are limited to logging only KWh or KVarh where as Modbus connected systems can log most parameters that a multi function meter would measure (A, V, PF, Hz, kW, kVar, kWh, kVarh etc. etc.) 

Some Meter Data Loggers include basic reports that can be accessed via a web browser however, using secure File Transfer Protocol or customisable e-mail through a local Ethernet connection you can access the meters data easily within the data logger and interpret the values in a third party energy management software package or simply in Microsoft Excel. This serves to provide the data required to search for energy cost savings, carbon footprint reduction and efficiency of consumption. Alternatively you can subscribe to a remotely hosted and accessible 'Energy Dashboard' website where reporting, graphing and even billing can be controlled on line. Meter Data Loggers are an essential part of any energy management system.

The team at the SmartPowerShop are experts in Meter Data Loggers, metering and energy management systems. Call us for friendly impartial advice on +44(0)1244 393800 or email us with you questions.