Socomec Diris A20 Multifunction Electricity Meter
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The Socomec Diris A20 is a 3-phase 5A CT-connected modular multi-function meter which is suitable for all industrial and commercial electrical installations.

The Socomec Diris A20 can measure the following parameters; kW, kvar, kVA, Voltage, Current, Power Factor and Harmonics, which can be easily viewed from the meters large backlit LCD display. Installation is easy with a compact DIN 96 panel-mount casing and plug-in terminal blocks, optional plug-in modules are available for Pulse Output and Modbus communications.


  • Current Primary: 9999A ( User-Programmable)
  • Current Secondary: 5A (CT Connected – CT’s sold separately)
  • 3 Phase voltage: 50-500V (L-L)
  • Single phase voltage: 28-289V
  • Instantaneous vales for (A, V, PF, Hz, P, Q and S)
  • Max values for current per phase and max instantaneous power
  • Active and Reactive Energy Import Registers
  • Panel mount: 96 × 96mm
  • Compact casing, plug-in terminal blocks
  • Extremely accurate with high quality measurements
  • Optimum readability with bright blue back light, high-resolution LCD display
  • Easy to use 4 or 6 large keys
  • Overall dimensions: 96 (W) x 96 (H) x 60 (D) mm.
Product Name: Socomec Diris A20 Multifunction Electricity Meter
Manufacturer: Socomec
SKU: 48250200
MPN: 48250200
Datasheet: A20-datasheet

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