Micro 19 Split Core Current Transformers
Product code: Micro 19
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Internal Diameter: 19mm

Accuracy: Class 1

1 Metre Flying Lead version stocked (Terminal and Shorting Link models to order)

Product Details

The “Micro 19” range of split core CT’s are amongst the smallest available and can be supplied with choice of screw clamp terminals, flying leads and unique plug-in short circuit link.

Product Specification: 

• Conforms to BS EN 60044-1/IEC 60044-1
• Rated system voltage 0.72/3kV
• Ambient temperature range -30ºC to 55ºC
• VA rating: 100A/125A = 1VA, 150A/200A = 1.5VA, 250A = 2VA

Product Name: Micro 19 Split Core Current Transformers
Manufacturer: Hobut
SKU: Micro 19
MPN: Micro 19

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