Kamstrup Multical 603 Heat Meter
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The new Kamstrup MULTICAL® 603 heat and cooling meter comes with a built-in plug and play auto detect function, making it possible to replace the ULTRAFLOW® when needed, without having to manually re-configure the calculator.

Kamstrup MULTICAL® 603 can be fitted with two communication modules in addition to an integrated M-bus interface (603-A to D models only) which allows a total of three communication types when required.

Kamstrup offer communication modules including M-Bus, wireless M-Bus, Modbus RTU (RS-485), BACnet MS/TP (RS-485) and 4-20mA analogue outputs.

The Kamstrup Multical 603 is an all purpose heating energy meter:

  • Suitable for water-based systems with temperatures from 2°C to 130°C
  • MID Class 2 EN1434 approved and suitable for the RHI
  • Pulse, Mbus, Wireless M-Bus, Modbus, Bacnet, Lonworks, 4-20mA
  • 13 year battery, 24V or 230V power supply
  • 1.5m, 3m, 5m or 10m PT500 pocket temperature sensors or 1.5m or 3m direct temperature sensors
  • 2.5m, 5.0m or 10.0m signal cable available.
Product Name: Kamstrup Multical 603 Heat Meter
Manufacturer: Kamstrup
SKU: Multical 603
MPN: Multical 603

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