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PVM-CC-Batt Hybrid PV Systems

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PVM-CC-Batt Single Point Connection Centre for solar PV and energy storage systems is a single metering solution allowing batteries to be charged during low tariff (off-peak) periods and then discharged during high tariff periods.
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Hybrid PV System Battery Storage Connection Centre

The PVM-CC-Batt uses specifically written algorithms to allow an energy storage system to be charged from a local electricity grid connection during off-peak (low rate) tariff periods and without the risk of losing Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) payments. The system is fully 'amendment 3 compliant' with a built-in double pole RCBO MID approved generation meter and lockable AC isolator. 

The PVM-CC-Batt connection centre provides a single connection point for Hybrid Solar PV and battery-based energy storage systems and provides optimum value during shorter winter days. During such periods the electricity generated from a solar PV system may not be sufficient to cover the electrical base-load of a property and/or to add significant charge to a connected battery system. The PVM-CC-Batt connection allows the batteries to be recharged to full capacity during low tariff periods (overnight) and for this energy then to be used to power local loads during higher tariff periods (daylight hours).

Saving Example

Assuming a solar PV system can only charge connect batteries to full capacity during the summer months but can be topped up to 2kW per day during lower rate tariffs (October to March). Example energy prices:

Day 16.60p - Night 5.73p = Difference 10.87p

Allowing for 10% losses in the battery system.

180days x 1.8kW x 10.87p = £35.21 per year additional saving on electricity bills

PVM-CC-Batt Metering Solution

The PVM-CC-Batt connection centre is a simple, single metering solution that can allow battery-based energy storage systems to be charged during off-peak low-tariff periods. Where a standard MID approved generation meter is used for this application, the meter would measure the electricity flow in both directions and any electricity stored direct from the grid would show as increased generation and could lead to stoppage of FIT payments. 

Product Features

  • Simple single connection point for PV installations
  • Amendment 3 compliant metal enclosure
  • Built-in lockable AC isolator
  • Double pole PV supply RCBO
  • MID approved generation meter
  • Design and built in the UK
  • Standard 5 year parts warranty


  • Nominal input voltage 230Vac 50Hz, single phase
  • Current: 16Amps
  • Weight: 3Kg
  • Operating Temperature: -5 to 40degrees Centigrade
  • Terminal Capacity: Incoming Live 16mm2, Outgoing Live 6mm2, Incoming Neutral 16mm@, Outgoing Neutral 6mm2
  • Ingress Protection: IP20
  • Warranty: 5 years limited to the replacement of faulty components only

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