FMR DN150 G400 FMG PN16 Flanged Rotary Gas Meter
Product code: FMR DN150 G400
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Rotary PD Gas Meters are ideal for commercial and industrial applications where flow rangeability is key. Rotary meters are able to accurately record low flow rates, making them a perfect solution for monitoring boiler output where the flow rates are variable. FMR Rotary Meters are MID Approved and therefore suitable for billing/fiscal metering applications.

  • DN40 – DN150
  • MID Approved
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Supplied with Pre-wired Pulse Plug and Lead
  • IP67 Protection
  • Top Hat Filters must be used to protect the meter
  • Size: 150
  • Range: 4-650
Product Name: FMR DN150 G400 FMG PN16 Flanged Rotary Gas Meter
Manufacturer: Sigma
SKU: FMR DN150 G400
MPN: FMR DN150 G400

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