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Sigma are known around the world for their outstanding range of gas meters, consisting of diaphragm gas meters, turbine gas meters and rotary gas meters, within these there is their IGTM, UG, IGQM, and FMR Ranges.
The IGTM meter is a precise and low-priced turbine gas meter for secondary and industrial volume measurement. In its design the meter has an 8-digit mechanical register and a low-frequency pulse output, with a wafer type design and is installed between 2 flanges. The IGTM meter can be used for measurement of various types of gases, such as natural gas, air, nitrogen and biogas (special version).
Diaphragm ‘tin case’ gas meters are a traditional type of gas meter, found in most residential and small commercial applications. Steel case meters are selected because of their ability to accurately measure and record low flow rates.
The IGQM meter offers the ultimate in compactness and accuracy to continuously monitor and control fuel and process gas consumption. Suitable for working pressures up to 175 psig (1207 Kpa), IGQM Quantometers are available for line sizes 1" through to 1" 1/2 and are supplied with a mechanical index and low frequency pulsed output plug as standard.
Rotary PD Gas Meters are ideal for commercial and industrial applications where flow rangeability is key. Rotary meters are able to accurately record low flow rates, making them a perfect solution for monitoring boiler output where the flow rates are variable. FMR Rotary Meters are MID Approved and therefore suitable for billing/fiscal metering applications.

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