DN200 Wafer Pattern Turbine Gas Meter G650/1000
Product code: IGTM DN200 G650/1000
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The IGTM meter is a precise and low-priced turbine gas meter for secondary and industrial volume measurement. In its design the meter has an 8-digit mechanical register and a low-frequency pulse output. The IGTM meter has a wafer type design and is installed between 2 flanges. The IGTM meter can be used for measurement of various types of gases, such as natural gas, air, nitrogen and biogas (special version).

  • DN50 – DN200
  • Wafer Pattern design
  • IP65 Protection
  • Supplied with Pulse Plug and Lead
  • Top Hat Filters are recommended
  • 8 digit mechanical counter
Product Name: DN200 Wafer Pattern Turbine Gas Meter G650/1000
Manufacturer: Sigma
SKU: IGTM DN200 G650/1000
MPN: IGTM DN200 G650/1000

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